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Info: Ukrainians - just arrived in Flensburg

The city of Flensburg gives you a warm welcome. Here is some important information about your stay in Germany:

Entry to Germany

I have arrived in Germany with a pet

Accommodation: where can I stay?

Medical care

Migration counselling

Help from volunteers

Further Information

Entry into Germany

Ukrainian citizens who hold a biometric passport do not require a visa for a short stay (up to 90 days within a 180-day period) in the Schengen area. We are currently unable to advise you about help with your departure.

Registration of your stay

After your arrival in Flensburg, report as soon as possible by e-mail to the Immigration Office (einwanderungsbuero@flensburg.de). This is important so that you can receive benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act (Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz - AsylbLG) (e.g. health insurance, accommodation and money for groceries).

Please provide the following information:

  • First and last name (in Latin letters as written in your passport)
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • Photo/scan of the first page of your passport in high quality
  • Current address in Flensburg (preferably with contact person)

Residence issues

For legal advice about your residence in Germany contact the Immigration Office:

Einwanderungsbüro Flensburg
Schleswiger Str. 66
24941 Flensburg
email: einwanderungsbuero@flensburg.de
phone: 0049 461 85 4423 (German/English)

We will inform you about any official legal decisions as soon as they are made.

I have arrived in Germany with a pet

Accommodation: where can I stay?

The city provides you with free accommodation. Please call this number for further information 0049 170 906 138 9.

Medical care

Emergency assistance

Emergency medical assistance is available at Flensburg’s two hospitals (the DIAKO Hospital and the Franziskus hospital). In an acute emergency phone 112.

Doctor’s surgery without borders

You can receive medical care at the “Praxis ohne Grenzen” if you do not have health insurance.

Praxis ohne Grenzen
Johanniskirchhof 19a
24939 Flensburg

The surgery is open Tuesdays 11:00 -13:00

Click here for the surgery without borders flyer (in German, English and Arabic)

Further information: https://www.diako.de/ueber-uns/praxis-ohne-grenzen

Mental health

  • Psychological Counselling: There are psychologists available if you want to talk about problems and worries. The counselling is free, confidential and, on request, anonymous. A video translator is available if needed. Further information: psychological counselling centre flyer in several languages

  • Pastoral care concerns: Pastoral care of Orthodox Christians through Pastor Lunde from St. Petri's.

Pastor Birgit Lunde
chuch congreation: St. Petri
Turnerberg 16, 24939 Flensburg
Tel: 0049 461 978 983 7

Frühe Hilfen (Early Childhood)

Schutzengel ("Guardian Angel") offers meetings and activities for families and children. Midwives, pediatric nurses and family assistants provide support for pregnancy, health issues and everyday questions.

Schutzengel: 0049 175 58 47 77 5 (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
public health office: 0049 461 85 45 45 (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

More information in the Schutzengel flyer (German) and at: www.schutzengel-flensburg.de

Migration counselling

Migrants in Flensburg can receive advice free of charge at the Migration Advice Centre. Translators are available if needed.

AWO Integrationcenter
Schloßstraße 4
24939 Flensburg
phone: 0049 171 56 80 380
email: serhan.bilgic@awo-sh.de 

Further contact information: Contact overview migration counselling (AWO) 

Diakonisches Werk des Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirchenkreises SL-FL
Johanniskirchhof 19/19 a
24937 Flensburg

phone: 0049 461 480 83 21
email: migration-msb@diakonie-slfl.de

Further contact information: Contact overview migration counselling (Diakonisches Werk) 

Help from volunteers

The “Flüchtlingshilfe Flensburg e.V.” (Flensburg Refugee Help) organises assistance from volunteers. The kind of help you can get:

  • Clothing donations
  • translators
  • driving services
  • someone to unburden to (Traumapädagogische Initiative Flensburg e.V.)

Flüchtlingshilfe Flensburg e.V.
phone: 0049 461 40797382 (German and English)
email: info@fluechtlingshilfe-flensburg.de

Further information about help from volunteers: Helfen

Further Information

Schleswig-Holstein Interior Ministry (MILIG) 

    • for all issues relating to fleeing the Ukraine and admission into Germany contact the Schleswig-Holstein interior ministry:
      0049 431 988 3369 (leave a message on the answerphone and you will be called back as soon as possible)
        Further contact information: 

State Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein 

German: Der Beauftragte für Flüchtlings-, Asyl- und Zuwanderungsfragen: Hinweise zur Unterstützung von Geflüchteten aus der Ukraine

Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (BMI)

Frequently asked questions about entering Germany from Ukraine and residing in Germany. You can find answers to frequently asked questions here.

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)

German/Urkainian/Russian: Fragen und Antworten zur Einreise aus der Ukraine und zum Aufenthalt in Deutschland (Stand: 04.03.2022)


Fragen und Antworten zur Einreise aus der Ukraine und zum Aufenthalt in Deutschland