The Region Sønderjylland-Schleswig

The region Sønderjylland - Schleswig was founded on 16 September 1997 in Aabenraa/Denmark.

Queries and suggestions of basic importance concerning the German-Danish co-operation in the border region are taken up by the Regionskontor in Padborg and passed on to the board.



The Partners

  • Sønderborg Kommune (DK)
  • Tønder Kommune (DK)
  • Haderslev Kommune (DK)
  • Aabenraa Kommune (DK)
  • Region Syddanmark (DK)
  • District Nordfriesland (D)
  • County Schleswig-Flensburg (D)
  • City of Flensburg (D)


The region has about 692,000 inhabitants. 254,000 of them live north of the border and 438,000 live south of the border.


Contact: The Regionskontor


Administrative office of the institutional co-operation is the Regionskontor, which is located near the German-Danish border in Padborg. The Regionskontor forms the administrative centre of the region and is information and service centre in one.

The bilingual staff of the Regionskontor as well as Mr Eric Holste from the City of Flensburg will be glad to answer any other questions to do with the region Sønderjylland – Schleswig as well.