Economic Profile

Flensburg is an important manufacturing location in Schleswig-Holstein. For example, the world's largest bottle cleaning plants are produced by a Flensburg business, silverwares for royalty are forged by a Flensburg silversmith and Ro-Ro ships are supplied all over the world. Here you can gain an insight into the economic structure, renowned businesses, the industry sector focus, research and innovation as well as the privileged location in the border area.

Economic Structure

Das DIAKO-Krankenhaus beschäftigt die meisten Arbeitnehmer (Foto: Marcus Dewanger)

The economic structure is determined by an above-average percentage of jobs in the service sector. This demonstrates the city's function as a major centre of the region and a seat of administration and the universities.

The about 5,000 businesses in Flensburg employ approx. 40,000 employees and workers, that means 1 job for every 2.2 inhabitants.




Renowned Businesses and Industry Sector Focus

Die FSG fertigt Qualitätsschiffe für alle Welt (Foto: FSG)

As renowned businesses can be named e.g. the Flensburg Brewery, the Federal Motor Transport Authority KBA, Queisser, the Flensburg Shipyard FSG, Beate Uhse, Robbe&Berking, Krones AG and Orion. The industry sectors focus is on the following areas


  • Health and health-related services
  • Engineering and Shipbuilding industry
  • Mobile communication

Research and Innovation

Studenten am Schiffssimulator im Maritimen Zentrum der FH (Foto: FH Flensburg)

The University of Applied Sciences and the Flensburg University situated on Sandberg provide new impulses for the industry in the region with joint research projects.

International Management Studies (in cooperation with the Syddansk Universitet), E-Health, Media Informatics, Energy and Environmental Management as well as Maritime Traffic, Nautics and Logistics are but a few of the subjects that our around 8,500 students study.


The Chambers and Business Development

Industrie- und Handelskammer Flensburg (Foto: © IHK Flensburg/Marianne Lins)

The city is the seat of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Chamber of Crafts, the District Guild of Craftsmen, all of which represent the interests of their member businesses.

In addition to that, businesses can consult the locally based WiREG (corporation for economic promotion and regional development) or the WTSH (Economic Development and Technology Transfer Corporation Schleswig-Holstein) in Kiel about issues concerning business development.


DK, D, Autobahn, Flugplätze, Ostsee

Flensburg's privileged location is characterized by being

• in the centre of the region

• quite near the motorway A7/E45

• directly on the Baltic Sea and not far from the North Sea

• at the gateway to Scandinavia and

• in close proximity to the airports Schäferhaus and Sønderborg Airport.