Commuting across the border

The advantage of having your place of residence in our German-Danish border region is that the job market does not stop at the border, so that the numbers of job offers and job seekers can offset each other across the border as well. The regional office Regionskontor Padborg, which also regularly offers external office hours in Flensburg, provides information concerning commuting across the border.

Cross-Border Commuting between Germany and Denmark


The job market in the German-Danish border region has always been characterized by large economic differences. If the job motor of one country is in full swing, it is often fairly quiet in the other country. Therefore there are always employees and workers that seek and find jobs in the neighbouring country.

In 2003, their number was about 1,700, in 2012 about 5,800 in the region Sønderjylland-Schleswig and up to 8,000 for the whole of Denmark. At the same time, it is estimated that there are 1,200 commuters living in Denmark and working in Germany.

What exactly is a cross-border commuter?

The term cross-border commuter is nowadays used as a synonym to border-crosser. The difference used to be important for taxation. However, this difference is no longer of importance today. Under the existing regulations, cross-border commuters are employees or workers who return from their workplace to their country of residence at least once a week. Here they have the centre of their lives, and therefore they enjoy social protection through special European legislation.

Barriers to Mobility in spite of the Freedom of Movement

In spite of the freedom of movement and European regulations concerning social protection, various barriers exist that cause problems for job seekers: lacking language skills, no knowledge of the job market in the other country, of the other country's culture as well as a lack of knowledge of the social protection system and the tax system to name but a few. (See below: Report on Mobility Barriers)

Advice Centre: Information Centre at the Regionskontor in Padborg


Due to the often quite complex legal situation of cross-border commuters, it is highly recommended that you get advice on the most important issues concerning labour law, tax legislation and social security law before taking on a job in the other country. The "Information Centre at the Regionskontor Sønderjylland-Schleswig" will answer all questions concerning these issues completely free of charge for interested persons from Germany and Denmark.

The staff of the Information Centre also regularly offers external office hours here in Flensburg, so that the Flensburg population can get information right here.