Business Location

Flensburg is an important manufacturing location in Schleswig-Holstein. For example, the world's largest bottle cleaning plants are produced by a Flensburg business, and silverwares for royalty are forged here by a Flensburg silversmith and supplied to customers all over the world.

On these web pages we introduce you to Flensburg's unique economic profile and provide you with valuable tips for entrepreneurs as well as employees and workers.

Economic Profile

Flensburg is an important manufacturing location in Schleswig-Holstein. For example, the world's largest bottle cleaning plants are produced by a Flensburg business, silverwares for royalty are forged by a Flensburg silversmith and Ro-Ro ships are supplied all over the world. Here you can gain an insight into the economic structure, renowned businesses, the industry sector focus, research and innovation as well as the privileged location in the border area.



Welcome to Flensburg, the metropolis of the border region, where the labour force and the purchasing power of 2 countries come together!

On these pages, you will find information on our public invitations to tender and funding options as well as the most important topics and your contacts at the city administration, the organizations for the promotion of trade and industry and the local Chambers of Commerce.

Economic Co-ordinator Sigrid Giemsa

For all business-related issues to do with the city administration, our economic co-ordinator Sigrid Giemsa is at your service and she can connect you to relevant contacts e.g. at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and WiREG, a corporation for economic promotion and regional development, quickly and with a minimum of red tape.


Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Associations

In Flensburg, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry IHK Flensburg, the Chamber of Crafts and the District Craft Trades Association for City and County offer to represent you in your business interests and full self-management, and also supply various other free services.


Economic Development – WiREG and WTSH


Advice on establishing a company, start-ups, procuring commercial premises and/or properties, cross-border co-operations, procurement of funding and much more – our WiREG and WTSH will aid you with all this.



In Flensburg – in the centre of the German-Danish border region – you have the advantage that the job market does not stop at the border. Here you can find concise information on commuting across the border and on jobs north and south of the border.

Commuting across the border

The advantage of having your place of residence in our German-Danish border region is that the job market does not stop at the border, so that the numbers of job offers and job seekers can offset each other across the border as well. The regional office Regionskontor Padborg, which also regularly offers external office hours in Flensburg, provides information concerning commuting across the border.


Regional Job Portal


Please find below links to the job portals of the City of Flensburg, the Employment Agency as well as the South Danish job portal Sydjob.

Jobs at the City Administration Flensburg
Jobs registered at the Employment Agency 
Jobs in Southern Denmark

Please understand that we cannot offer links to private job offers due to the large number of job portals available on the Internet.

We cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred from the use of our links. Unfortunately, we cannot exclude that by using our links you might come across external content that might be seen as offensive, liable to corrupt the young or contrary to accepted moral principles. We expressly distance ourselves from the content of such websites.

Regional Co-operation

Here we give you a short overview of regional co-operations in Flensburg (e.g. interregional projects, the German-Danish cultural agreement, the special purpose association WEG). All these co-operations are intended to boost the economic and regional development in and around Flensburg directly or indirectly.

Border Triangle - Grænsetrekanten

The Danish cities Aabenraa, Sønderborg and the German City of Flensburg have established the brand "Border Triangle" on a municipal level. This triangle boasts the job potential of a big city and the economic power of the whole region, thus offering double chances of success not solely due to its convenient location in two countries.


The Region Sønderjylland-Schleswig

The region Sønderjylland - Schleswig was founded on 16 September 1997 in Aabenraa/Denmark. Queries and suggestions of basic importance concerning the German-Danish co-operation in the border region are taken up by the Regionskontor in Padborg and passed on to the board.


  Special Purpose Association "WEG"

Directly near the German motorway BAB 7 shortly before the Danish border (3 km), the City of Flensburg and the municipality Handewitt run an inter-municipal industrial park through their special purpose association "WEG".