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The current corona rules in Flensburg

Information on vaccination:

Vaccination Centre in the Flensburg Galerie shopping centre

Information on registering for a vaccination in Schleswig-Holstein

Information from the Robert Koch Institute:

Why should I get myself vaccinated against COVID-19? (PDF, 112 kB)

BioNtech/Pfizer + Moderna

AstraZeneca + Johnson & Johnson


Rapid tests - what are they and when should they be used?

Unlike the classic PCR-tests, the rapid-tests do not need to be analysed in a laboratory, but provide the results directly after a few minutes. This represents a huge time-saving.

The test procedure itself is exactly the same as with the classic PCR-test. A swab is taken from the mouth and throat region and is analysed for an infection.

Apart from the time saving, there are other differences between the two testing methods. The rapid-tests are less accurate than the classic PCR-tests. They pick up an infection later in its course, when a larger viral load is present in the body. The risk is that a false-negatve test result could give a false sense of security and thereby lead to the virus being spread further.

If a corona infecton is suspected, the accurate PCR-test is still the first-line course of action, as prescribed by the health department. Rapid-tests may be used as a complementary measure. As a result of regular testing, for example in care homes, infections can be recognised early and chains of infection prevented or broken.

Where can I get myself tested?
Many of the testing locations are still open. A current list of the test stations in Flensburg can be found

More helpful links

There is ongoing up-to-date Corona information on various topics on the website of the Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration:

What do you need to know about Corona now

Multilingual information from the EU Equal Treatment Body